Best Badminton Racket 2022 [Consumer Updates]

If you are up looking for the best badminton racket the market can offer, then this article will not be a disappointment to you. The guide has been developed to help you discern which badminton racket is suitable for your needs. Everyone who has been into badminton gaming will agree to the fact that the most vital thing is the racket itself.

No contradiction, it has to be perfect. To get you the best to choose from, our team of reviewers has done independent research to come up with an articulate list of top 10 best badminton rackets. Among other things, we have also considered the reviews of other users.

Whether you are a newbie racket player who is looking for the right racket to help you start vibrantly or you are a seasoned player with the desire for the perfect badminton racket to help you take your skills to the next level, we have you covered. Defeating your opponent and mastering the game should no longer cause a chill down your spine.

let’s jump straight to our top 10 best badminton racket list:

10. WHIZZ Graphite Badminton Racket Set

We begin our top 10 list with WHIZZ Graphite Badminton racket set which costs less than $40. It features an anti-scratch design and is generally equipped with a clear protective grommet strip. Despite being of lightweight, the material is highly durable and features 100 percent graphite handle, 100 percent graphite frame, and 100 percent graphite shaft. Its isometric head shape has a larger sweet-spot.

9. Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series 2018

The 2018 series of Yonex badminton racket has a full cover carbon shift that makes its quality be out of the question. Most of its users cite its excellent performance and first speed as some of the top reasons it is a must-have for any badminton player. It also belongs to the cheap variations and the manufacturer boasts of authenticity since the company is an authorized and recognized plant.

8. Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Among other techniques, the tight string technology in this badminton racket never misses the attention of any potential user. It has a unique power frame that allows the user to increase the tension on the strings. as a result, the player is capable of sending accurate, precise return hit each time the shaft come to their court. It also features a sturdy full carbon frame which primarily allows the racket to transfer a lot of energy while remaining robust.

7. Yonex NANORAY 10F NEW Badminton Racket Red 2017 Racquet 4U/G5 Pre-strung

This product which is manufactured in Twain and developed in Japan is a real game-changer. It features hit powerful shots that have the TFA CAP known for absorbing unwanted vibrations. It is also both sturdy and durable thanks to the graphite material used to make most of its parts. Given that it comes at a low price but still delivers good results, this badminton racket seems to win the consent of majority players.

6. Fostoy Badminton Racquet Badminton Racket Set

This is a professional badminton racket set with a carrying bag and three shutter locks. It is ideal for adults. Most users assert that it comes in decent packaging and is made from durable materials including carbon fiber frames, solid wood handle, and fiber wire. The set includes three shuttlecocks, two badminton rackets, two extra tapes, and one carrier bag. The racket is 67 cm long.

5. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan Professional Badminton Racquet

If you love anything lightweight that will not be a burden as you play then this is the best deal for you. It is formulated for any two players who would love to mix up their games. This badminton racket is for you if your approach is to keep your opponent guessing by the alternating offense with defense. The material used is 100 percent Japanese Toray carbon fiber.

4. Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

Well, this might not be among the cheap variations of badminton rackets. However, from the user reviews and information on the manufacturer website, it is indeed worth the cost. Most people cite its strength, durability and lightweight nature as the top reasons they would go for it and not other brands. It is also made in Taiwan and as such, its quality is not faulted.

3. Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets

A complete set of this badminton racket comes with two pairs or rackets, five LED shuttlecocks, and a carrying bag. It is designed such that it is suitable for both beginner and professional players. You would be wrong to think that all this content makes it expensive. Surprisingly, it is among the cheapest in our review list.

2. Senston N80 Graphite Single Badminton Racquet

This badminton racket which comes at a price less than $36, is made from 100 percent pure carbon fiber material. It is of lightweight and as such, you are sure of enjoying the badminton game even much longer. More interesting is that you don’t have to shoulder pain that you would encounter with heavier rackets.

1. Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set

A single package of this badminton racket includes two badminton rackets, a half a dozen of shuttlecocks, two random color over-grips, and one carrier bag. It features solid construction, making it to be considerably of high quality. It has high-precision control performance and improved stability. The manufacturer presents different combinations of badminton rackets thus leaving the player spoilt for choice.

How to Select the Best Badminton Racket:

You could be wondering why we still have to take you through a “how-to” section now that you have a clear picture of what the market offers and you are excited to place your order ASAP. Well, there is a little more to learn. We want to be sure you are making a guided decision and that’s why we feel it unsatisfactory to stop at the top 10 list. Here are a few essential factors to consider when selecting a badminton racket.

The Racket Head

This is the part of the racket that will push your skills to the next great level. Anyone curious about perfection or nature should never fail to pay attention to this section of the racket. It enables the player to dive deeper into the secrets of a designed racket. A conventional oval head that tends to be flat on the top of the frame usually stretches the upright hence increasing the size of the ideal impact point on the head of your racquet.

The Grip (Handle)

The handle is the lower part of the racket which, in essence, allows you to control the frame. Nearly in all badminton racket brands, the most common handle size ranges between 1 and 3, with 3 being the largest size. Whilst small hands tend to favor a grip 1 for more convenience and ease, a size 2 is considered suitable for the majority of users.


Yes, a rope! You read it right. If you are not used to looking for a new racket, you may neglect this parameter since you may be lacking the necessary experience. The racket string is among the most influential parameters that come at play, whether custom or original. If every little success is to count, you can never afford to show your back to the rope.


You must first come clear on the amount you are willing to spend on your badminton racket. Yes, you will consider several factors but eventually, you have to get to your pocket and chuck out a few coins commensurate to the price of the racket. The higher the amount you set aside, the better the quality of the frame. You will be able to get the advanced quality finish and advanced technical composition.

You do not wish to spend your hard-earned money and end up will poor quality, right? That’s the point. However, it doesn’t mean that you can never acquire a badminton racket at a lower price range. There are quite a number of low-end rackets. They are, however, only suitable for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are always skeptical, especially when getting into something for the first time. Lack of knowledge triggers doubt and doubt triggers questions. We want to be sure we are making everything as clear as possible. Here are a few frequently asked questions and our respective responses to them.

Which is the best racket?

Well, this is a very personal question that we often come across especially from newbie players. The top 10 list we have developed above gives you a clear picture of what each racket is like. However, the best way to go about choosing the best is taking your time to swing about some rackets from the list which may have been acquired by your friends. You can also try some of the demo rackets out on the court to enable you to learn your best gear.

You don’t have the type of badminton racket I want, can you get it?

Yes, we can. Should you require a specific badminton racket that is not within our list, we can quickly source it from top quality brands. We are always willing to help. Whether it is a special string or pair of shoes just ask and our team will be glad to assist.

The frame of badminton racket has cracked, can it be repaired?

No. High-performance materials associated with modern rackets such as high modulus graphite, Kevlar and carbon fiber cannot be repaired effectively.

Final Thought
To get the ideal sporting gear, you have got to discern the style of the game that you play. That way, you are sure to get the best badminton racket that not only suits your style but also helps you take your game a notch higher. Speaking, the effectiveness of your game is directly proportional to the quality of your sporting gear. The moment you get the right quality, you are sure to up your game.

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