Best Basketball Shoe Insoles 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Close your eye a moment and quickly race your mind to that moment during the game when you were twisted and thrown to the air for an intense reaction layup. Most likely, you are wondering why you decided to shoot the ball or opted to go up against the tall, heavy-built defender. Alas, by a certain miracle of skill, the shot did not miss the mark. It hit the backboard, rim and eventually fell through the hoop slowly.

Cheers followed and you got a high five and a smile from the defender with lots of appreciation. You just won the game and who the hell could afford to be sad at that moment? However, you immediately noticed something unusual. It is neither the great skills nor the confidence you have. It is pain right at your foot. The pain shot up and eventually, it felt as though a piece of rock had been tied to the bottom of your foot. Your foot grew heavy with time.

In the beginning, the pain seemed bearable. However, as time went by, your constant use of the foot caused you weakened support and weaker arch. You resorted to resting then. But, you still wished to play the following day. So, you asked: What is the quick fix? How can one play without enduring pain? The answer is very simple: You need some basketball shoe insoles every time you step forward to play. Hello…. I only said you close your eyes for a moment.

list of the 10 best baseball shoe insoles Reviews

10. Suscong Athletic Arch Support Inserts Insoles

We begin our review with Suscong Athletic Arch Support basketball shoe insoles which are suitable for both men and women. They are available in sizes 6-9 for women and sizes 5-8 for men. The brand features advanced material technology which helps by absorbing shock and reducing the impact from running, walking, climbing, hiking, and basketball playing. It also features deep heel-cup and great arch support to help stabilize and support your feet while on the go.

9. Powerstep Original Orthotics

Powerstep original orthotics are manufactured in the United States and the brand seems to enjoy the consent of a majority basketball player. It is made from polypropylene and has a 92 percent expected to fit. The moment you insert these slim insoles in your shoes, you recoup some spring back in every step you make.

8. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

This pair falls among the most affordable insoles and exhibits a 90 percent expected fit. It features an enhanced arch height that offers good support to high arches. It also features a targeted gel drop in the heel which primarily provides extra cushioning. The deep heel cup, on the other hand, prevents heel slip and keeps the heels stable. It is ideal for walking, casual use, cross-training, and running.

7. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert

This is a unisex pair of insoles that give maximum support to the user’s feet. They measure 2 inches high and 4 inches wide. The insoles feature a high profile and high volume. They also have a stabilizer cap that serves as the base of the insole. This cap provides stability and structure to the foam layer. Its high profile shape helps support and stabilizes your foot while on the go.

6. Rx Sorbo Sorbothane Ultra Work Sport Insole, Female – 12 / Male -9.5 – 10.5

This variety offers perfect shoe inserts for every occasion. Whether you intend to use the insoles while hiking, running, playing sports, biking, or walking, these insoles offer extra shock protection to your feet. They are designed to be used by both men and women. And then fit men’s shoes up to size 9 and women’s shoes up to size 11.5. They are majorly meant for sports and work. They are so effective that you will always feel a difference each time you use them.

5. Spenco GRF Basketball Insoles

This pair of basketball shoe insoles are made from polyester and is ideal for basketball players and athletes. It offers better support for push-off and promotes a more efficient stride. The pair equally enhances vertical leaps in addition to greatly reducing the risk of ankle sprains. The insole also reduces the impact force on the heels.

4. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

This is another category of performance orthotic insoles that are known for improving men’s comfort and fit. The pair is ideal for casual use, running, walking, and cross-training. It features a contoured natural arch which is suitable for most types of foot. The inserts are purposely designed to fit in athletic and casual footwear.

3. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Suppor

These insoles are featured as the best variations for cushioning and shock absorption. Despite belonging to the cheap variations, these insoles are made from superior material and are well known for sturdiness and durability. They offer robust functionality and are ideal for rock climbing, camping, ball games, sports, running, and more. They are also ideal for those who stand on their feet for long durations.

2. Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

Most people say that the adaptive arch technology inhibited by this pair of the insole is what makes it stand out in the market. It is capable of adapting to any foot shape to give the user perfect comfort. And It also protects the user from injuries associated with overuse. It also provides natural shock absorption at the heels.

1. BOGDAN Shoe Insoles

These happen to be our best-reviewed insoles. The insoles feature a dynamic arch design that enables them to adapt to all foot shapes. The insoles are breathable, moist-wicking and provide the user with added protection for odor control. You will love it for its superior comfort and anti-fatigue technology.

How to Select the Best Basketball Shoe Insoles:

You do not need rocket science to know that apart from having an elaborate list of top 10 best products, you would still end up not knowing how to pick the very best from the best. Well, three people given the same list of products would end up picking different items from the same list. Reason: they possess different skill levels and there is one unique thing that each is looking for and can only be found in one or two items within the list. So then, what are the dominant factors you will need to consider as you select the best basketball shoe insoles?

The thickness of the Insole

The volume of the insole entails different requirements. For basketball, you need to fill the shoe. The insole should, therefore, allow for padding that is not only comfortable but also cause no sliding. The thickness should equally be good.


Support greatly helps you prevent high-impact foot injuries. Many people will be surprised that the amount of support in a shoe insole may vary from no support to a very high amount of support. The adjustments and bubbles in any insole greatly affect the foot action and as such, it might prove a bit tricky for you to narrow down to perfection. When buying online, you should try as much as possible to dig deeper into the information about the level of support before settling on a particular shoe insole model.

Personal Preference

Normally, manufacturers adjust insoles based on the font size. However, personal measurements to track the foot are likely to require high insole design variations. You should be able to discern how difficult it possibly could be to size. If you are wishing to reduce pain and promote excellent ankle movement then you must consider your personal preference among other top factors.


Cost is always a factor to consider as long as you are not getting the item for free or as a donation. The greater the product quality the higher the price. If only you do a double check, you will learn if the quality is commensurate to the cost. On a few occasions, however, you will learn that there are a few low-priced insoles that perform even much greater compared to their costly counterparts. You should be very selective and only choose the best quality at the best price. Get quality for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I buy high-quality insoles?
A basketball player who is only starting out might be wondering why it is necessary to buy high-quality insoles. Yes, they must be of great quality. A good quality insole will offer you maximum protection and comfort. It will also provide you with excellent arch support which will significantly eliminate any possibility of injuries. They are also lightweight thus ensuring your feet do not experience some added bulkiness.

How long do insoles last?
Good quality insoles should last between six to nine months. This is dependent on obvious factors such as tear and wear. If a rigorous and frequent player, however, your insoles will last between 3 and 6 months.

Final Thought
The constant running, turning and sliding involved in basketball strains any kind of sneakers as well as the player’s feet. Players at different skill levels are potentially susceptible to plantar fasciitis among other foot pains. This can sideline even the superstars, ruining their game so much. We all know it that not all types of inflammations can be treated by ice or rest alone. You may need to visit a podiatrist. But, why wait until you get down to this route.

This article has brought your attention to the top 10 best basketball insoles on the market today. We have also taken you through the various factors you will need to consider while shopping. We believe you eventually got the much-needed information for any buyer.

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