We all appreciate the effects of a good massage. A good massage is aimed at treating the body of stress and pain. However, today people have very tight schedules such that there is often no time left to visit the spa for a massage. It is for this reason that the massage chairs were designed. These chairs work in almost the same principles and those applied by masseurs and masseuses in spas. The traditional massage chairs have access to the head, neck, back, and shoulders.

The robotic chairs on the other hand simply use vibrating motions to apply pressure to the body for massaging. The guide below is based on the best massage chairs consumer reports and can be helpful when you are choosing a massage chair.

List of The 10 Best Massage Chairs

1. Kahuna Massage Chair S, Best Professional Massage Chair

This massage chair is made of synthetic leather and is automated. It has a timer button, airbags on the shoulder region and even extra padding on the foot region. All these features are aimed at providing comfort to the user. The chair is also fitted with a smart body scan that enables the chair to detect the size of your body. This way, it is able to customize a massage experience to suit your body size perfectly. Some of the auto programs of the chair include yoga stretching, two-foot rollers and full-body stretching.

2. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

The chair is well suited for people of different body types. It automatically shifts to accommodate the hips and shoulders of larger people. Some of the programs that are installed in the chair include pain relief fast recovery, yoga stretching, dynamic sport, golfer and office person among others. It is also designed in a way that the transition is quiet due to the forward sliding mechanism. It is controlled by remote and it is also fitted with triple airbags at the hip position to ensure maximum comfort.

3. Medical Breakthrough Chair – Back Massage Chair

The chair is doctor based because more than 25 chiropractors, doctors, and other specialists were involved in making the chair. It is very comfortable because you can recline up to any position and choose the massage you prefer. It is also fitted with a body scan that scans your body and designs a customized massage experience that will be most suitable for your body type. It has the zero-gravity effect that evenly distributes your weight on the chair. The chair is also fitted with airbags that allow you to stretch your back muscle as it grips your hips for a good chiropractic backstretch.

4. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Chair

This chair is fully electric which makes it easier and faster to adjust. It is fitted with power rollers that make it more effective in reducing stress and fatigue. The percussion and compression feature of the chair also enables it to provide more mobility, posture, and flexibility of the legs during the massage. For maximum comfort, the chair has over 30 airbags and rollers that are heat intelligent that are inbuilt into the chair. It has an added message feature that allows the chair to release pressure from your neck, in addition to the ability of the chair to conform to the shape and contour of your back.

5. Esright Massage Chair, Massage Recliner Chair

This massage chair has been fitted with vibrating, reclining, heating and massaging feature to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort during the massage. The leather used to make this chair is soft but still sturdy to ensure durability and comfort in addition to the thick cushions on the back and the armrest. It has twin cup holders and storage bags to ensure you can enjoy reading your favorite magazine or drink when you are on the chair. It has a 360 degrees swivel and 150 degrees reclining feature, it is controlled remotely and also has a power cord.


This chair has a fully computerized body scanner that in addition to determining your body size, it also determines the spinal cord size. This way, the chair is able to locate a particular part of the body to massage. It also offers massage for the entire body and its airbags are designed in a way that they inflate and deflate alternately. This allows your body the ability to stretch and twist for maximum comfort and effective massage experience. The chair is also fitted with zero gravity, 4 automatic massage programs, three manual massage programs, and lower back heating.

7. New Forever Rest – Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The chair has 7 different massage routines and 4 automatic massage routines. This ensures that the chair covers all your massage needs in your house. It has zero gravity that in addition to providing comfort also makes blood circulation better. It also has foot rollers to ensure your feet are not left out in the massage experience. The stretch program of this particular chair is the best among all the mother massage chairs, and it is easy to adjust the chair to fit any body size perfectly.

8. Robotic SL-Track Massage Chair

This massage chair is one of a kind, having robotic arms that move up and down to massage your entire body from the neck region to the hip. It also has USB charging ports for your phone so that you can enjoy using your phone while still having a massage. The chair is also equipped with airbags in all the parts and a full-body scanner for customizing your massage experience. Some of the other additional features include foot rollers, 12 different kinds of massages and 4 automated massage programs.

9. Mr Direct Shiatsu Massage Chair

This chair is fitted with 8 massage points strategically positioned on the back region, and 35 airbags on the entire shoulders, arms, legs and sat positions. These features in addition to the three automatic massage programs, ensure that you get a relaxing massage session on the chair. The chair is enabled with the zero gravity and an extended footrest to ensure even the taller people experience maximum comfort on the chair.

10. Best Full Body Massage Chair – Electric Full Body Chair

Just like the other massage chairs listed above, this one is also fitted with airbags along the shoulder, legs, arms and back regions. In addition, the chair also has 8 massage points that are strategically located along the back region. These massage points work in collaboration with the other zones of massage to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed as you get your massage. It is also fitted with the foot massage feature to ensure more efficient blood circulation and relief from exhaustion.


When you are looking for a chair of this kind to buy, this guide is the best. This is because it is based on the best massage chairs consumer reports in 2021. This ensures that the chair you buy from the list is the best compared to all the other chairs of this kind in the market today. Some of the important factors to look out for when you want to buy a massage chair include the material and comfort. The durability and the warranty are also very important. It is also important to ensure that you do extensive window shopping before you get this kind of chair. This will help you to find a chair that will be most suitable for your needs.