Best Running Back Cleats 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Running backs are arguably multi-dimensional players who play significant roles, especially around the offensive backfield. More often than not, they block opponents, take hand-offs from their quarterback before running, receive short passes, throwing balls, and so forth. It is evident that playing at this position, especially in a game of soccer, is quite challenging. Well, if you want to be a professional or seasoned running back player, then perhaps you need to improve or maximize your speed so you can quickly reach the end zone and give your team the much-needed victories. You are more likely to achieve this objective if you invest in one of the best running back cleats.

A decent pair of running back cleats helps users reach their full potentials. Unlike lineman cleats, this gear will be quite different with unique features. The market for these cleats is already flooded with endless options, making it quite a challenge to narrow down to a couple for your particular position. If this is your concern, then we are here to help you out. In this post, we are going to talk predominantly about the best running back cleats available in the market today based on consumer reports. Not only are we going to review the best cleats, but we are also going to guide on how to choose the best item for that matter!

List of 10 Best Running Back Cleats

10. Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men’s Football Cleats by Nike

The Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men’s is one of the best football cleats for competing in middle distances and jumping events. With innovative versatility, this award-winning product is extremely lightweight featuring modern performance benefits. It features upper single-layered mesh with midfoot overlays for added support and improved breathability.

Its construction includes inner-sleeve design so it locks the foot over the spike to provide a fun, comfortable, and secure fit. While its Phylon heel delivers excellent impact protection on the track, the EVA midfoot shank through the arch provides additional support. It comes with seven removable pins as well as secondary elements on its Pebax plate for unmatched grip and traction on the track without adding weight.


  • Sole material –rubber
  • Upper material –synthetic and mesh
  • Item weight -2.08 pounds
  • Product dimensions -12 by 0.7 by 10 inches

9. MC Men’s UA Highlight Lacrosse Cleats

Do you want to dominate the defensive backfield and bring the strikers of the opposing team to their knees? If the answer is yes, then you just need to invest in one of the best running back cleats from Under Armour –the MC Men’s UA Highlight Lacrosse Cleats. Its ClutchFit on the upper section of the cleat wraps player’s foot with a second skin, bringing in powerful support and amazing feel.

This incredible cleat features lightweight material innovation that forms contours on the foot, amping the muscles and joints to give the wearer a better feel, support, and fit. It also features molded 4D foam on the foot-bed, which conforms to the exact shape of the user’s foot, eliminating slippage and reducing cleat pressure. It comes with extended eye-row cutouts offering superior flexibility and ease of entry. Its lugged ruggedly rubber outsole promotes optimal speed and grip.


  • Color –royal blue/white
  • Upper material –synthetic
  • Sole material -rubber
  • Weight -14 ounces
  • Size -12

8. Men’s Speedform MC Football Shoe

It seems Under Armour never disappoints when it comes to designing award-winning running back cleats. The Men’s Speedform MC Football Shoe is a force to reckon in the industry thanks to its revolutionary SpeedForm upper that molds perfectly to the user’s foot for zero distractions. It features a seamlessly molded heel cup that feels like an extension of the foot for optimal comfort.

The product’s external Pebax heel counter offers an added support needed during fast-paced gameplay. While the included V56 technology helps limit toe hyperextension, its chromed-out TPU plate delivers maximum traction and grip.


  • Item weight -8.2 ounces
  • Material construction -100 percent synthetic
  • Color –red/chrome

7. Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Football Shoe For Men

The Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Football Shoe For Men is one of the best running back cleats offering the much-needed comfort and stability under the foot thanks to its die-cut EVA footbed. Its incredibly durable synthetic upper provides a lightweight and supportive fit. The beauty of this cleat is that its rubber sole delivers superior traction on any given surface, making it the most sought after shoe by many professional football defenders.


  • Upper material -100 percent synthetic
  • Sole material –synthetic and rubber molded
  • Item weight -13.5 ounces
  • Color –royal blue/white

6. Vapor Carbon Elite TD Cleats For Men By Nike

The Vapor Carbon Elite TD Cleats For Men By Nike allows you to dominate the attacking opponents with agility and power while keeping sweat and sun at bay. This cleat boasts of a classic design offering lightweight mobility for the user’s tireless and line-to-line range. It features Dri-Fit UV fabric, which helps keep the wearer’s feet comfortable and dry while protecting against UV rays.


  • Product dimensions -0.4 by 0.4 by 0.4 inches
  • Item weight -1 pound
  • Upper material -100 percent synthetic
  • Sole material –synthetic
  • Color –orange black
  • Size –small-medium

5. Adidas Adizero Five-Star 5.0 Football Shoe For Men

Do you want to improve or maximize your speed so you can reach the end zone very quickly to defend your backline? If so, then the Adidas Adizero Five-Star 5.0 Football Shoe For Men will see your dream come true. To achieve the fastest speeds, the cleat in question should be extremely lightweight. This lightweight Sprintskin shoe has a ShockWeb feature, which further reduces weight. While its anatomically molded EVA insole delivers excellent comfort, the strong heel cup locks up the foot in place. It also features a five-star frame outsole with top plate reinforcement, giving it an optimum blend of strength, traction, and lightweight.


  • Sole material –synthetic
  • Upper material -100 percent synthetic
  • Color –white

4. Vapor Untouchable Pro-Three Men’s Football Cleats

Nike is a leading brand when it comes to delivering the best products in every category, and its Vapor Untouchable Pro-Three Men’s Football Cleats is never exceptional. The synthetic and mesh skins create a flexible, lightweight upper shell –a feature that comes in handy when looking for the best running back cleats –offering exceptional support, breathability, and durability.

Unlike other cleats of the same class, the upper shell of this cleat is a one-piece circular knit without a tongue creates a sock-like fit that ultimately wraps around the wearer’s ankle. The most interesting bit about this cleat is that its carbon fiber plate comes with a 14-cleat layout offering traction and strength that would not weight down the user. Besides that, this carbon fiber plate provides remarkable speed, performance, and traction.


  • Color –white/green
  • Upper material –synthetic and mesh
  • Sole material –carbon fiber plate

3. Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe For Men

The Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe For Men is another cleat from Adidas worth trying out if you are concerned about maximum traction, performance, and speed. Built to chew up the opposing strikers, this item sheds weight without compromising support. Its SprintSkin upper is an innovative laminated package delivering reduced weight and incredible support.

Moreover, the upper section features DuPont Kevlar frame reinforcement for added stability and strength, giving players optimum traction zones for multidirectional and maximum speed. The Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe comes with an anatomically molded EVA insole delivering exceptional comfort throughout a fast-paced game.


  • Upper material -100 percent synthetic
  • Sole material –rubber
  • Color –white/metallic silver/black

2. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Shoe For Kids

While most of the cleats reviewed previously were best suited for men, kids too need this kind of gear when playing defensive backfield positions. Well, the Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Shoe For Kids is one of the best choices out there in the market. This item is arguably one of the lightest cleats you will ever find. Besides that, its anatomically molded EVA insole provides that much-needed comfort. With a five-star reinforcement frame on the outsole’s top plate, this cleat gives users an optimum blend of traction, strength, and lightweight.


  • Upper material -100 percent synthetic
  • Sole material –synthetic
  • Color –Collegiate royal/white/hi-res blue
  • Recommended age -4-8 years

1. Nitro Low MC Football Shoe For Men By Under Armour

The Nitro Low MC Football Shoe For Men By Under Armour is the cleat to consider if you are concerned about stability, comfort, and ventilation thanks to its blend of coated textile and synthetic support cage. It features a molded toe cap providing increased durability and protection. It also features a TPU heel clip that offers additional stability and support. The Nitro Low MC Football Shoe comes with die-cut EVA sock-liner for exceptional comfort and durability under the foot. More importantly, this pair of shoes has secondary cleats that provide an added bite for explosive acceleration and razor-sharp cuts.


  • Upper material –coated textile/synthetic
  • Sole material –synthetic
  • Color –red/white
  • Item weight -13 ounces

How to choose the best running back cleats:

As already mentioned, playing at the backfield, especially in a game of soccer, requires the player to demonstrate a high level of agility, strength, and speed. That said, running back cleats are the most essential piece of gears as they greatly affect a player’s performance during a game. This type of shoes offers more traction, extra stability, comfort, and lightweight feel. T

here are several brands/models, prices, fits, and even materials currently available in the market, making shopping for the best running back cleats quite a challenge. Choosing the right pair of this gear depends on many factors, including the cut of the shoe, who the user is, style of the outsole, and other high-performance elements that accompany each pair.

If you are buying these cleats for the first time, it will appear like there is a lot to take in at once, but we are going to break them down in the simplest way possible to help you choose the very best item.

Size is one of the common factors when choosing anything that you are going to wear. Similarly, when looking for the best running back cleats, you must evaluate its size. The item in question should fit your feet appropriately and comfortably. Do not buy cleats that are too tight or too loose as they will pose a risk of injuries or affect your performance. More often than not, cleat sizes are somewhat similar to the normal shoe sizes with a slight difference in the customization. The best way to find the right fit is to try out physically multiple pairs before buying them. If you are buying online, then make use of a sizing application.

Shoe styles
Running back cleats are available in different styles and cuts to accommodate the different needs of players. Of course, your choice will largely depend on your personal preference as well as the kind of movement or support you want in the field. Generally, football running cleats come in at least three different cut styles –high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut. Whereas high-cut cleats are well known for ultimate durability and stability, but somewhat bulky, mid-cut options offer extra support and stability in the field without compromising on player’s speed and movement. Low-cut cleats, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight allowing for maximum maneuverability, better agility, speed, cutting, and navigation.

Another important that comes into play when choosing the best running back cleats is the weight. You should evaluate the weight of the cleat in question before buying it. Always avoid buying too heavy cleats as this will affect your overall performance bearing in mind in that defensive backfield position needs a gear that never compromises on speed. The best cleats, therefore, are the ones that are extremely lightweight and can maintain the stiffness of the user’s main body.

If you are playing a running back position, then the cleat pair you are going to buy must be the most comfortable one. As we all know, players playing at the defensive backline will often carry the ball. It, therefore, implies that they will need an extremely comfortable pair of cleats to enable them to perform to their best.

Ankle stability and support
Playing at the running position requires extraordinary skills, which include quickly changing direction and running through some of the most difficult positions. These quick movements might twist your ankles or knees if you are not in proper gear. When choosing the best cleat for a defensive position, always pick an item with the ability to provide ankle stability and support while keeping its weight at the bare minimum. In other words, choose a cleat that will stabilize your feet while on such tricky situations on the field.

Yes, there you are and now you know some of the best running back cleats to buy in 2022. Investing in any of the above-listed products is arguably one of the wisest decisions you can ever make. The beauty of all the cleats reviewed herein is that they provide users with the much-needed support, stability, strength, and agility to take on your attacking opponents and deliver your team with the most sought after victory. Get one today and you will have a better chance of displaying to the world how good you are when playing as running back. Good luck with your next purchase for the best running back cleats!

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