Best Skateboard Helmet 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Most parents these days consider giving skateboards to their growing children as birthday presents. Reason: For the young generation, skating has become one of the most popular and common sport. Just like it does with other sporting activities, skateboarding has its set of dangers. As such, it is in order for each skateboarder to get themselves the right sporting gear to ensure they stay safe and off the danger. One such inevitable gear is a skateboard helmet.

Both skaters and marketers have become very conscious about the use of skateboarding helmets while riding a skateboard. To be sure they stay at the helm; marketers have taken their game a notch higher, ensuring they produce skateboard helmets with advanced features and great design. This gives the buyers a chance to choose a skateboard helmet of their preference from the many options available on the market presently.

All you need is to mark your list of requirements and you will be on the way to finding the right gear for yourself. Our concern is, however, with newbie skateboarders who might not know how to go about it all at the beginning. This same problem is also often encountered by those advancing their skill levels and wants some helmets that will help them have maximum protection. Whichever category you belong to, we have you covered.

In this article, we have covered every bit of information that will lead you to make an informed purchase.

10. Punisher Skateboards Pro Series Safety Skateboard Helmet

This is a dual safety standard certified skateboard helmet that also meets the CPSC and ASTM certification requirements. It has 13-vent air cooling vents and an impact absorption liner. Other top features of this helmet are special sparkle metallic flake paint, embodied logo on heavy-duty nylon straps, and quick-release buckle easy turn locks.

9. MONATA Skateboard Helmet

This is a top-notch skateboard helmet that is suitable for use by both adults and youths. It is made up of a durable, high-density material that is equipped with EPS foam to give it added protection while meeting the stringent requirement for safety approval. It has a self-adjusting lifestyle fit system that practically easy, precise adjustment at any time.

8. Triple Eight Gotham Skateboard Helmet

This helmet enjoys dual certification. It has excellent features that make it suitable for both skateboarding and biking. It features cone-head liner construction and has collapsing cones which normally act as a crumple zone thereby enabling the absorption of energy and spread of force sideways. The package is inclusive of two sets of removable moist-wicking Sweat-saver fit pads.

7. S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multiple Impact

Over 200 consumers have bought, used, and eventually reviewed this skateboard helmet giving it a star rating of 4.8. It is the best fitting CPSC-certified helmet in our review list. It is also one of the best multi-impact helmets on the market at the moment. And It is considerably durable and passes the test of time.

6. Flybar Multi-Sport Kids & Adult Skateboard Helmet

With as little as $25, you can get yourself this high-quality skateboard helmet. All the helmets from this brand are ASTM and CPSC-certified for quality and functionality. The helmet is ideal for bicycling, in-line and roller skating, skateboarding, longboarding, and aggressive skating. It features an adjustable spin dial at the back to ensure you achieve a perfect, safe fit. Each style of this helmet comes in three sizes.

5. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

This skateboard is designed such that it is suitable for adults, youth and children. It gives superior protection to the user and is generally loved for its safety certification. It fully complies with CE EN and CPSC safety standards. The size is adjustable and the helmet is ideal for multi-sporting activities. It features 11 air vents that keep you cool and comfortable for several hours as you skateboard. It offers a lot more than just providing you with the necessary safety while skating.

4. Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet

This is a classy skateboard helmet that is suitable for adults, youth and kids. It has outstanding features such as stink-free, moisture-wicking sweat-saver liner and ABS outer shell. The helmet comes in different sizes and as such, you shouldn’t be worried about whether you will find the right size for your head. The manufacturer backs the product with a 6-month warranty.

3. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

We keenly looked at the features inhibited by this skateboard helmet and we surely knew it couldn’t miss in or review list. It features an awesome ventilation system given that it is equipped with 12 air vents which keep you cool and very comfortable as you ride. Its classic low profile design is characterized by a classic lightweight design with modern features. The manufacturer further protects it with a 1-year guaranty and as such, there is not much to fear.

2. Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet

With a star rating of 4.7, this is a product worth considering. It is a dual certified bike and skateboarding helmet that meets the stringent requirements for CPSC and ASTM certification. Among other top features, this helmet is lauded for its two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking fit pads that enable you to custom fit it. It comes in six sizes and as such, it is suitable for adults, youth and children.

1. JBM Skateboard Helmet

This skateboard helmet is made to suit many occasions. Coming at a price tag of less than $30, this top-of-the-line product is among the top-rated products in the market today. It is a multi-sport gear that offers maximum protection to the user while at the same time ensuring a lot of comfort and breathability. It never feels like a burden to have it on all day long while playing.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Helmet:

It is easier to think and believe that you are once you get the top 10 best skateboard helmet list, you are good to go. You may be wrong to think so. There are a few more things you will need to also consider in the process of making a purchase. That’s the reason we highlighted below, a few factors you need to care about as they will offer you further guidance into making a non-regrettable decision.

Skateboard Fitting

To effectively protect your head from injury while skating, your skating helmet should always be properly fitted. Even though it might be a bit challenging to wear a helmet with pads, you will note that brands are nowadays becoming more conscious of your safety and style, prompting them to include such features in their products. A properly fitted skateboarding helmet should have protective pads, sit low on your forehead, and should never shift or move while skateboarding.

Helmet Pads

Skateboard helmets tend to have softer pads or foam liners that provide the user with comfort and the necessary protection during the game. This ultimate protection enables the player to effectively absorb falls and collisions that you may experience while skateboarding. Notably, skateboard helmets never last forever. As such, you must replace your helmet when it gets damaged or becomes smaller.

Helmet Size

Using the US sizing, the average head of a man is 73/8 inches while that of a woman is 71/4 inches. You must, therefore, ensure that you only pick the right size as choosing the wrong size will negatively impact on your game. Every brand’s helmet size varies depending on whether they are using measurements of the UK sizing, US sizing, or European sizing. If you are not so certain of your size, you should measure your head and then cross-check with the measurements on the manufacturers’ charts.


This is an inevitable factor. Often, what we buy is dictated by the depth of our pocket. However, we must be careful not to sacrifice quality for the price. Some of the best deals happen to also be high-end products. The safety features should guide you into buying the best skateboarding helmet at the least cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a helmet really necessary for a skateboarder?
One of the state laws says that anyone under the age of 18 must wear a skateboard helmet while skateboarding. This helmet is meant to protect the skater from injuries and with or without the law; it is a necessary gear that we should never disregard.

What is the main difference between a skateboard helmet and a bike helmet?
The main difference between a skateboard helmet and a bike helmet is in their ability to protect the user against types of impacts. The skateboard helmets are purposely meant for skateboarding-related impacts.

Can I use a skateboard helmet for snowboarding?
Your helmet must fit you well for you to get the most protection from it. As such, it is not advisable to use a skateboarding helmet for skiing or snowboarding as it is not meant for that. It will not give you the desired results.

Final Thought
We believe that now you are well equipped with all you need to know as you go about shopping for a skateboard helmet. You also have our thought on the top 10 best skateboard helmets in the market today. Whether you only do skateboarding or actively engage in other sporting activities as well, you can find a model that serves your needs. All you need is to correctly size yourself ahead of placing an order. A right size amounts to the right fit thus giving you the necessary comfort and protection. Good luck.

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