Best Skateboard Ramps 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro skater, trying to raise your skateboarding experience a little step higher is everyone’s dream. Besides being a great pastime sport, skateboarding engages players both mentally and physically. To achieve this objective, just like any other sport, you need to have the right gear. Of course, Quarter Pipes and Half Pipes are necessities when you think about this sport, but having the best skateboard ramps bring the thrill of adventure right into your backyard.

Skateboard ramps are typically simple frames and ergonomically safe structures precariously set up to help users improve their skating confidence and coordination. Besides that, these pieces of skateboarding gears enhance recreational skating safety, overall fitness, and reduce the chances of material or property damage.
That said and done, it is time now to shop for the best skateboard ramps.

More often than not, there are many different kinds of ramps out there in the market meant for different skateboarding styles and tricks. That means you will have wide and varied options to choose from. Therefore, it can be an overwhelming task, especially for first-time buyers. Fortunately, we are here to make things easier for you by unveiling a comprehensive list of the ten finest pieces of skateboarding ramps based on the latest consumer reports for your consideration. Take a look!

List of 10 Best Skateboard Ramps:

10. The Portable Fold-up Launch Ramp Skateboard by Jumpack

If you are looking for an extremely lightweight and portable skateboard jump ramp that will take extreme sports everywhere you go, then have a look at The Portable Fold-up Launch Ramp Skateboard by Jumpack. This piece is foldable and carried as a backpack, allowing users to ride or skate to any destination of their choice. With three-height settings, this easily adjustable gear gives younger or amateur users the chance to learn the basics of getting into the air in relative safety before moving on to the maximum height. Featuring a non-slide design, the skateboard ramp is would not slide regardless of how hard users hit it. The beauty of this product is that you can create a larger ramp by clicking multiple ramps together.


  • Package weight -16.80
  • Item package dimensions -22.3 by 15.2 by 8.4 inches

9. OC Ramps 4 Foot Wide Quarterpipe

The OC Ramps 4 Foot Wide Quarterpipe is perfect for any skill level or age skater. Just like the previous gear, this one is also highly portable and mobile. The beauty of this skate ramp kit is that it includes everything to assemble. Its pre-drilled and pre-cut boards ensure simple installation. While its highest-class exterior plywoods and lumber are remarkable for smooth rides and high jumps, the galvanized metal parts ensure the product is free from rust. As its name suggests, the product gives users four feet wide and three feet high, which is a good amount of lift excellent for stunt skaters.


  • Manufacturer –OC Ramps
  • Brand name –OC Ramps
  • Product dimensions -4 feet wide and 3 feet high

8. FreshPark Professional BMX & Skateboarding Wedge Ramp

Built to last, the FreshPark Professional BMX & Skateboarding Wedge Ramp is the gear for skaters seeking foldable and portable jumping gear. Featuring a hinge-pin design for perfect alignment and easy assembly, this flat-angled wedge ramp is the beast for longer distance jumps. Unlike other skateboard ramps of the same class, this one has a high traction ABS/Urethane riding surface, which requires no treating or painting as it is 100 percent maintenance-free. Besides that, its steel ramp frame is powder-coated and welded providing the much-needed strength and durability. Because of interlocking and modular design, this product can be attached to other Freshpark ramps and rails.


  • Maximum carrying weight -500 pounds
  • Warranty- three-months limited warranty
  • Item weight -69 pounds
  • Product dimensions -47 by 37 by 16 inches

7. Mojo Sky Ramp

The Mojo Sky Ramp comes complete with great durability, strength, and portability as an added bonus so it is easier to move it or store away in the garage. It features a ladder truss slide support design and steel frame, making it awesomely functional and highly durable. This supremely stylish ramp also features a high tensile powder-coated polyethylene surface with a smooth finish for a smoother ride. Besides that, the frame and surface can both withstand a variety of different kinds of weather conditions so users need not to worry if they accidentally leave it outside a couple of days.


  • Color –green
  • Product dimensions -45 by 30 by 15 inches
  • Item weight -35 pounds

6. Skate Ramp Jump Skateboard For Kids

Are you looking for an easy-to-assemble skateboard jump for kids? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you need to consider the Skate Ramp Jump Skateboard. With only three components –flat middle plateau and two micro wedges –assembling it take less than a minute. Because users have complete freedom to adjust the jump to match the kinds of tricks they want, this product becomes an excellent fit for kids, amateurs, and beginners. More importantly, it features a non-slip surface that gives skaters excellent traction and added safety as well as extra stability while performing tricks. Since the Skate Ramp Jump Skateboard is lightweight, compact, and small, it is highly portable so you can take anywhere you wish.


  • Color –black
  • Contains – one flat middle plateau and two micro wedges

5. Discount Ramps SK 10-Inch High Skateboard Launch Ramp

The Discount Ramps SK 10-Inch High Skateboard Launch Ramp is an extremely portable and lightweight product that gives skateboarders as well as BMX riders, and borders, and snowboarders the ability to practice tricks and jumps wherever they are. It features a single piece of highly durable plastic and steel bars for added structural stability so it can handle jump after jump. And It also features a textured surface giving users maximum traction during every launch. It comes with mounting screws so you can secure it firmly in place for optimal safety and performance.


  • Item weight -7 pound
  • Product dimensions -34.8 by 18.8 by 10.2 inches
  • Maximum carrying weight -250 pounds
  • Color -black

4. Ramptech 2 Feet Tall x 4 Feet Wide Spine Skateboard Ramp

If you are looking for incredibly sturdy ramps, then you might need to consider the Ramptech 2 Feet Tall x 4 Feet Wide Spine Skateboard Ramp. While this stylish product is highly portable allowing users to take it anywhere, it is easily assembled/dismantled since all materials are pre-cut to exact CBC dimensions for added convenience. Built with top-quality custom ABS plastic top surface, galvanized steel coping, and Ext HDO side panels, this skateboard ramp is very durable. Its rust-proof finish can withstand a variety of weather conditions so users need not worry about leaving it outside for a couple of days. Because the ramp is two feet high, it gives skaters plenty of lift allowing them to perform even the most challenging tricks.


  • Item weight -153 pounds
  • Product dimensions -87 by 48 by 24 inches
  • Color -black

3. Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard

The Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard is a remarkable park feature for at-home outdoor use ideal for novice skaters needing an excellent platform for practicing aerial tricks. Its tapered leading edge is also perfect for beginners to get big air, hone their skills, and master tricks without the intimidation of taller ramp heights that often come with steep, sharp ramp surface radiuses. The good news about this product is that it effectively absorbs impact thanks to its high-impact polymer and non-slip rubber feet. It also features a textured finish providing the much-needed safety without compromising fun.


  • Manufacturer’s recommended user’s age –eight and above
  • Maximum carrying weight -125 pounds
  • Product dimensions -28 by 16 by 8 inches
  • Versatility –for use with skateboards, scooters, bikes, and inline skates

2. Landwave Skateboard Ramp -2 Pack

With the Landwave Skateboard Ramp, you can practice any skateboarding trick anytime anywhere. This kit is available with two stackable ramps, so you can assemble it to form one large ramp or two separate ramps or stack with other Landwave decks/ramps to make a skatepark –the choice is yours! More importantly, each component slides and locks together in place to make a functional and sturdy ramp. With no tool(s) required during its assembly, the Landwave Skateboard Ramp kit is excellent for home backyard practice.


  • Color –black
  • Item dimensions -38.5 by 56 by 12 inches
  • Package weight -28 pounds
  • Use with –skateboards, inline skates, RC cars, or BM bikes

1. Ten-Eighty Launch Ramp

Do you want to transform your driveway into a skate park? If so, then the Ten-Eighty Launch Ramp is the right choice. As one of the leading modular ramp systems out there in the market, this product is designed with safety and focus on fun in mind. This easy-to-assemble wedge-shaped ramp is ideal for beginners or novice skaters who love practicing cool tricks or those who need to hone their skateboarding skills. It features a high-impact polymer surface material that will hold up even the hardest thrashing. Besides that, it also features non-slip rubber feet as well as textured finish keeping the wheels well-planted and added safety.


  • Manufacturer’s recommended user’s age –eight and above
  • Maximum carrying capacity -125 pounds
  • Compatibility –can be used with skateboards, BMX bikes, inline skates, and scooters
  • Item weight -5.35 pounds
  • Product dimensions -29 by 16.5 by 8.5 inches
  • Warranty description -30 days
  • Suggested users –unisex
  • Color –multicolor

How to Choose the best skateboard ramps

Well, we have listed the top ten best skateboard ramps based on the latest consumer reports for your consideration. How you will narrow down one or two products that you think best suits your needs will depend entirely on many factors. Perhaps, this is your first time shopping for these products and you are wondering where you even start now that you have little or no idea on what factors to consider when choosing the best skateboard ramps. Of course, you are not alone in this dilemma, and that is why we are here to help you out. In this section, we are going to look at some of the things to keep in mind when picking the right piece. It includes the following:

Consider the ramp’s size

Just like choosing a shoe, size becomes an important factor when shopping for the right skateboard ramp(s). You should consider larger skate ramps because they will give you more room or space to practice different kinds of skateboarding tricks and skills. It, therefore, implies that if you are a novice skater or a beginner with plenty of space in your garage, then choosing a larger ramp will meet your needs.


If you are the lot that likes moving out frequently and that you will love to have fun wherever you are, then choosing a highly portable skateboard ramp is inevitable. For that matter, it is highly advisable that consider picking mini ramps because they come in a smaller design, lightweight, and some are highly fordable for easy transportation. The good news about mini ramps is that they become handy in all types of terrain and they are indeed versatile.

Construction material

Material is another factor that determines whether the ramp you are about to buy will last longer or not. Besides that, it will determine if the product meets your practice requirements. Obviously, those ramps made of high-quality steel or powder-coated frames are built to last. The surface material should also provide much-needed grip properties. For that matter, molded plastic, plywood, and Masonite surfaces are all viable options.


When choosing the best skateboard ramp, safety ought to be the number one factor! You must take your time checking whether the product you are about to acquire meets all the safety measures. The good news is that most of the leading ramps have been tested and certified for the same. Otherwise, if such information does not exist, then you should be wary about that product!

There you are and now you know some of the best skateboard ramps to consider. We understand that different kinds of ramps are optimal for varied types of tricks. Therefore, whether you are looking for a Launch ramp, Quarter Pipe, Half Pipe, Pyramid, Spines, Vert ramps, Wave ramps, or Box jumps, we have your worries covered. Since there are tons of options out there in the market, knowing all the essential factors that set them apart is incredibly important. Overall, we have listed some of the leading brands and models to help find the right piece that fits your budget and garage. We wish you the very best of luck in your quest for the perfect skateboard ramps!

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