Best Skateboard Wheels 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Skateboarding today is probably more popular than it was a decade ago. This fun sport, loved by people of all ages, involves great speed and balance. At first, it seems to be a difficult activity, but with consistency and training on the track, you will get the hang of it in the long run. While many factors determine one’s skateboarding experience, getting the best skateboard wheels takes the top slot.

Skateboard wheels determine how fast or slow you will roll on rough or smooth tracks. Obviously, an inferior set of wheels will not give skaters that extra oomph they need to be the top skateboarders in their area. With the right wheels underneath your board, there is no doubt you will be able to impress your judges and observers with a great performance as you maneuver your skateboard. More importantly, good skateboard wheels give skaters more control, greater stability, and faster move.

So you want to buy one of the best skateboard wheels today, right? While this is a remarkable decision, expect to find a couple of challenges arising from the fact that there are tons of options out there in the market each claiming to be perfect. It is even difficult, if it is your first time shopping for these items, now that you have no idea which product to consider. Well, we are here to help you out by compiling a comprehensive list of the top ten best skateboard wheels, which we think should be your direct ticket to excelling in your preferred pastime activity.

List of the 10 Best Skateboard Wheels

10. Choice 78A Longboard Wheels

Do you want a nice, smooth ride without breaking your bank? If so, then the Choice 78A Longboard Wheels is an excellent choice. Made of high rebound urethane, this model offers skaters the same ride as the top brands at a fraction of the cost. With a hardness score of 78A, these wheels deliver a smoother ride and better grip for longer distances. The beauty of these wheels is that it produces less vibration, giving users the ability to cruise over rough surfaces. The Choice Longboard Wheels not only come in a multitude of colors to consider but also offers a selection of inline and shortboard wheels.


  • Color –black
  • Size -70mm
  • Number of wheels in the package -4

9. Spitfire Bighead White/Red Skateboard Wheels

The Spitfire Bighead White/Red Skateboard Wheels comes in handy when you are looking for top-notch performance wheels. Unlike other Spitfire skateboard models, this one offers easy-to-control and fast experience even for the beginner skater. The beauty of these wheels is that they are extra tough and rough on any surface, so you use it on deserted alleys or rugged roads.

The skate wheels are 55mm in size, making them perfect for both professional and amateur skateboarding. With that hardness rating of 99A, their soft ride will impress most skaters. Besides that, these durable wheels come with solid treads that provide a steady grip on any surface. They also feature remarkable graphics, which adds another layer of appeal!


  • Number of wheels in one set -4
  • Hardness rating -99A
  • Size -52mm
  • Package weight -11.4 ounces

8. Hot Juice Skateboard Wheels by OJ Wheels

The Hot Juice Skateboard Wheels by OJ Wheels is precisely what you want if you prefer simple and plain skateboard wheels. This model offers an affordable solution for amateurs to have their wheels ready for practice. Since their surface has no treads, it implies that there is less friction, making it easier to slide. For that reason, these wheels are great for individuals who love doing some crazy stuns with their skateboards. This product features a shiny coating on its surface, which helps add more traction and grip while riding.


  • Color –white
  • Diameter -60mm
  • Hardness rating -78A
  • Item weight –one pound
  • Suggested users -unisex

7. Morgan Pro Series Free-ride Longboard Wheels By Blood Orange

The industry standard for free-ride or downhill longboard/skateboard wheels is, without a doubt, the Morgan Pro Series Free-ride Longboard Wheels from Blood Orange. These wheels boast of granular feel that reacts with the riding surface, allowing riders to control the slides with predictable hookups. Besides that, these wheels come with consistent urethane and supportive core that makes sliding easier and smoother. Whether you are a top pro or a beginner, this product is ideal for elevating your free-ride performance to the next level.


  • Durometers (hardness ratings) -80A, 82A, and 84A
  • wheel diameters -60mm, 65m, and 70mm
  • colors –red, Seafoam, lavender, and coral

6. Orangatang In Heat Downhill Longboard/Skateboard Cruising Wheels

If you are looking for extremely versatile longboarding/skateboarding wheels for maximum grip and speed for hard carving, downhill skateboard racing, pumping, and long-distance pushing, then you had better try out the Orangatang In Heat Downhill Longboard/Skateboard Cruising Wheels. With 75mm in diameter, each of the four wheels plows over rocks, sticks, cracks, and roughest roads.

These wheels feature square, sharp lips that provide skaters with maximum grip while sliding smoothly as desired. While their strong, supportive core maintains a smooth ride as well as supports the lips for crisp slides and excellent traction, the rippled urethane pattern provides the much-needed progressive rebound.


  • Available Durometers -77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A
  • Available colors –blue, orange, purple, and yellow
  • Bearing seat –offset
  • Diameter -75mm
  • Width -56mm
  • Core-high-stiffness, high-strength, and heat-resistant urethane

5. Rough Riders Skateboard Wheels by Bones Wheels

If you are among the lot that loves skating on rough terrains, then the Rough Riders Skateboard Wheels by Bones Wheels might be your right choice. These top-quality wheels will endure the roughest surfaces for smooth movement and optimal speed thanks to their exclusive All-Terrain Formula (ATF). These revolutionary formulas provide excellent slide control and because of their sine-wave shaped design, they are extremely fast regardless of road quality. They also offer maximum durability and resistance to flat spots.


  • Number of wheels in the package -4
  • Wheel diameter -56mm
  • hardness -80A
  • core –yes
  • formula –ATF
  • surface –smooth
  • suggested use –all-terrain

4. Sidewinder Longboard Wheels by Shark Wheel

The Sidewinder Longboard Wheels by Shark Wheel are unique in the market because of the altered shape, giving them better maneuverability over water, debris, and other terrain conditions that deteriorate the performance of traditional wheels. Featuring wider surface and sine-wave design, these wheels ensures that users experience reduced friction, hence superior lateral grip and slide control.

Besides that, these wheels have a thin contact area, implying that skaters get a quicker rider because there is less friction. Because the patterned wave design allows these wheels to withstand all kinds of elements while performing at optimum levels, they offer skaters long-lasting and reliable riding experience.

The beauty of this product is that they are available in different colors, so you can properly style your skateboard to match your personality by adding a splash of colors.


  • Package weight -1.35 pounds
  • Wheel diameter -70mm
  • Hardness rating -78A

3. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire is no doubt one of the most known brands in the skateboard wheel world. Expect no less than a remarkable performance from the Bighead Skateboard Wheels that comes with eye-catching colors and designs. These wheels are available in different diameter sizes so they can fit the needs of different users. With a hardness rating of 99A, skaters can slide smoothly on these wheels with maximum speed, grip, and traction. For that reason, the Bighead Skateboard Wheels are perfect for parks and streets. They are also ideal for beginners and moderately skilled skaters.


  • Package weight -6.4 ounces
  • Wheel diameter -48mm
  • Item weight -1.60 ounces
  • Suggested users –boys
  • Hardness rating -99A

2. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings & Spacers Cruiser Wheels

With FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels, you will receive four wheels already assembled including spacers and bearings. Unlike other skateboard wheels of the same category, these are much better in durability and speed. Because they have wider surfaces, they roll extremely smooth on street and park terrains as well as on asphalt and concrete. Since these cruising wheels are too tall, they are best suited for large skateboards. Overall, they are easy to install as all you need to do is to simply place them on the axle as you do on regular wheels.


  • Color –black
  • Number of wheels in the package -4
  • Wheel diameter -60mm
  • Hardness rating -83A
  • Package weight -1.17 pounds

1. Ricta Wheels Clouds Skateboard

Ricta offers supper fast and bouncy wheels that roll smoothly over the most challenging terrains. The Wheels Clouds Skateboard features modern shapes that give them lightweight property. Because these wheels deliver maximum grip on any surface, they become the best options for people who love cruising across the streets, which involves making sharp turns and performing crazy skateboard stunts. More importantly, these pocket-friendly wheels deliver a smooth ride thanks to the urethane composition that combats rough and edgy surfaces. These wheels are both great for professional and beginner skateboarders.


  • Hardness rating -92A
  • Wheel diameter -52mm
  • Wheel width -34mm
  • Material construction –urethane with solid 78D core

How to Choose the best skateboard wheel:

We have given you a list compromising of the top ten best wheels to take your skateboarding experience to the next level, but you are wondering how you are going to pick one or two options for board. While this is one of the challenges that people encounter daily when shopping for sporting gears, having a set of factors at your disposal helps you make an informed decision.

The truth of the matter is that there is a lot more that goes into choosing the best skateboard wheels than just liking the colors or graphics on the side. In this section, we are going to highlight the most important factors, which include the following:

Deck size
The very first to consider when choosing the best skateboard wheels are the size of your deck. With that in mind, you will be able to pick accurately wheels with diameters that fit the respective deck board sizes. More often than not, standard deck size for most boards ranges between 7.5 and 8.5 inches. A skateboard with deck size 7.5 inches to 8.0 inches, for instance, pairs well with 58mm skate wheels. Similarly, deck board size ranging between 8.0 and 8.25 inches pairs rightly with 52mm and 60mm skate wheels, and so forth.

Wheel diameter
The wheels’ diameter indicates how big or small the wheels are –the lower the diameter (in mm) the smaller the wheels and vice versa. We all know that smaller wheels turn quickly and easy to control, whereas bigger ones achieve top speed quickly but not ideal for making crazy tricks. Since smaller wheels are slow, they are suited for beginners and amateur skaters. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for experienced skaters. Therefore, you need to examine the level of your experience so you can choose the wheels of the right diameters.

There is no doubt that you are in the market looking for top-quality skateboard wheels that will last for many years to come! Since that is the objective of many skaters, both seasoned and novice, it is important, therefore, to check the wheel material. The best skate wheels are made of durable, versatile, and sturdy materials like Urethane and polyurethane. These materials choices also give the wheels a rubber-like grip for improved traction on different terrains.

Contact patch
While this is our last factor, it is indeed one of the most fundamental. Unfortunately, most people overlook it when choosing the best skateboard wheels. The contact patch is typically the wheel’s area that is in contact with the terrain surface. If you want more stability, traction, and better grip, then you need to consider wheels with a wider contact patch. On the other hand, if your objective is to attain optimum speeds within the shortest time, then go for wheels with rounded edges.

There you are and now you know some of the highly ranked skateboard wheels available on the market today. Whether you are skateboarding as a profession or hobby, any of the products listed above will tremendously boost your performance. They are excellent and will always offer you durable and top-notch services.

The good news is that all of them are made of high-quality materials that guarantee users a great service. Always keep in mind that when choosing the best skate wheels, factors such as deck size, traction, durability, personal preferences, and ability to handle different types of terrains among others should come into play.

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