Best Soccer Socks 2022 [Consumer Updates]

The game of football is arguably one of the most famous and oldest as far as human sports are concerned. Just like any other sport, you must have the essential attire if you want to be a great footballer. Well, you can have everything, but you cannot deliver to the top of your ability without having the best soccer socks. Whether it is for serious competition or practice, a good quality pair of socks is going to be your best friend. Besides ensuring that you play quite smoothly and easily, socks keep your shin guards in place. They also protect your feet from harm when unexpectedly slide on the ground during a tackle. Above all, these no-brainer gears look attractive when you have pulled them up to the knee –something that boosts your confidence the face your opponents and secure victory!

Since you are now convinced that having a pair of soccer socks is inevitable, you do not just walk to the store and pick anything that matches your team’s colors! These pieces of soccer attire vary greatly when it comes to materials, construction, and integrated technologies. For that matter, there is a huge difference in price from one brand to another. Of course, you are looking for something that perfectly meets your needs, and that is where we come in! In this post, we shall present you with a list of the top ten best soccer socks based on the latest consumer reports for your consideration. Take a look J

List of the 10 Best Soccer Socks

10. Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks

We all know that Adidas is a leading brand when it comes to manufacturing high-quality soccer accessories, and the Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks is an example of that! With this pair, you will walk straight from the dressing room and hit the field ready to display your skills to the world. Excellent for all levels of play, these lightweight socks feature moisture-wicking yarns so it keeps sweat and moisture at bay, allowing players to concentrate on what matters –playing the ball. These machine-washable socks also feature a flat knit leg, making it extremely comfortable and breathable. Its foot area comes with an arch for added comfort and support.


  • Material -2 percent natural latex rubber and 98 percent nylon
  • Color –black/night grey/white
  • Item weight -12.8 ounces

9. Rivalry Soccer OTC Socks -2 Pack

The Rivalry Soccer OTC Socks -2 Pack is no-brainer pair from the industry’s leading sports gear manufacturer –Adidas –associated with the highest standard of performance and quality. This pair of socks utilize Climalite moisture-wicking fabric, which ensures wearer’s feet stay cool and dry. For added stability, this award-winning soccer socks advances ankle and arch compression technology. Besides that, it underfoot has soft cushioning to absorb shock and impact, thus protecting users from sustaining injuries during gameplay.


  • Color –black/white
  • Material -93 percent polyester, 4 percent spandex, and 3 percent nylon
  • Item weight -3.2 ounces

8. NIKE Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks

Are you looking for the best athletic socks that will keep you comfortable during the entire football competition? If so, then it should be the NIKE Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks. It is made of a Dri-Fit fabric that wicks away sweat and moisture from the skin helping wearers stay cool and dry. Besides that, this machine-washable pair of socks features spandex material, giving it stretchy and lightweight properties. More importantly, this soccer accessory has reinforced toe and heel, enhancing durability when used in high-wear areas. The NIKE Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks are knee-high socks, a feature that provides stability and comfort to user’s feet during gameplay with arch support.


  • Color –black/white
  • Material -3 percent spandex, and 97 percent nylon
  • Caring –machine wash
  • Item weight -2.21 pounds

7. Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks by TRUSOX

TRUSOX is one of the latest brand names in the industry providing something completely different from other providers, and this is evident from their Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks. Unlike other socks of the same class, these have more cushioning. These distinctive socks feature INEtech anti-slip pads, maximizing the grip wearers get in their footwear and secure their foot so it would not slide, hence reducing the chances of getting injuries/blisters. These extra pads and cushioning further helps improve stability and wicking away sweat so you stay cooler and drier. The Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks by TRUSOX are machine washable and they are excellent for training.


  • Material composition -1 percent spandex, 39 percent cotton, and 60 percent nylon
  • Size –small
  • Color –green
  • Item weight -4.2 ounces
  • Worn by –pro men and women

6. Nike Unisex Dry Cushion Training Sock -3 Pair

Are you looking for one of the best soccer socks for serious training? If so, then the Nike Unisex Dry Cushion Training Socks are perfect. Available in a pair of three, nothing beats the comfort offered by these ventilated and breathable socks thanks to its mesh panels. It utilizes Dri-Fit technology, which ensures that wearers stay cool and dry throughout the practice. Besides that, with arch compression, users will love its comfortable fit and added support. While it features reinforced toe and heel for improved durability in prone-to-wear areas, it comes with a half-cushion terry foot boosting impact protection.


  • Color –black
  • Size –large
  • Item weight -3 pounds

5. Soxnet Cotton Unisex Soccer Sports Team Socks

Are you looking for socks made for all kinds of team sports? If so, then the Soxnet Cotton Unisex Soccer Sports Team Socks is the right choice. Available in a pack of three, these socks are slightly stretchy, keeping your shin guards securely in place for improved safety. Made of remarkably durable cotton material, this pair will last you the entire season. Besides it undisputed durability, the fabric used in making these socks are highly breathable and absorbent, wicking away moisture and sweat so wearers stay comfortable, cool, and dry when there are into the game.


  • Color –hot pink
  • Available sizes -5-7, 7-9, 9-11, and 10-13

4. Copa Zone Cushion II

Adidas makes to the list again, but this time around with a spandex/nylon socks with a classic three-stripe look at the top and one solid color elsewhere. We are talking about the Copa Zone Cushion II. This product is best suited for players who do not like wearing knee-high socks. These highly versatile socks hug your calves, allowing users to focus on the ball or tackle instead of knowing where their socks happen to be. Besides that, these pair works extremely well with shin guards. It features Climalite moisture-wicking yarns, ensuring that the wearer’s feet stay dry and cool. It also includes targeted cushioning on the footbed for added absorption. While its engineered ankle and arch compression provides excellent stability and support, the cooling toe channel offers ventilation.


  • Item weight –one pound
  • Color –white/black
  • Material composition -98 percent nylon and 2 percent Lycra

3. Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

We all know that Adidas is a leader when it comes to providing players with the highest quality equipment. Its Team Speed Soccer Socks is never exceptional. This pair of socks is remarkable for users who prefer lightweight, snug-fitting gears. Featuring anatomically shaped ‘right/left’ footbed; this award-winning pair of soccer socks enhances the natural movement of the foot. While its ClimaLite construction keeps at bay sweat and moisture so the wearer’s foot stays cool and dry, the ClimaCool mesh construction promotes breathability for added comfort. It also features targeted cushioning on footbed for absorbing shock. Besides that, this pair achieves excellent stability thanks to the added compression in the arch and ankle.


  • Item weight –one pound
  • Material composition -10 percent spandex and 90 percent nylon
  • Available sizes-small, medium, and large

2. Sof Sole Men and Youth Soccer Over-the-Calf Team Performance Socks

The Sof Sole Men and Youth Soccer Over-the-Calf Team Performance Socks provide distinctive features hardly found in other team socks. Utilizing Hydrologix fiber technology with superior sweat/moisture management, this pair of socks ensures the user’s foot stays dry and cool throughout the gameplay. Besides that, its high-tech acrylic that remains naturally soft to the touch resists shrinkage and helps prevent blistering. It also features deep heel pockets that provide improved fit and keeps the pair firmly in place. Its full seamless toe and full cushion sole provide additional comfort.


  • Color –black
  • Available sizes -5-9.5 and 10-12.5
  • Material composition -3 percent spandex, 17 percent polyester, and 80 percent acrylic

1. Soxnet Unisex Soccer Sports Team 3-Pack Socks

The Soxnet Unisex Soccer Sports Team 3-Pack Socks are best suited for all sorts of team sports, including soccer. Made of high-quality acrylic fabric, these pairs are slightly stretchy, implying that it will keep shin guards securely in place for added safety. Since this material is remarkably durable, these three-pack pairs will last you the entire season. It features a cushioned arch and sole support, which helps keep the socks in place during gameplay. More importantly, these accessories perfectly breathable and excellent absorbers so wearer’s feet do not get all slippery or sweaty inside the socks.


  • Color –black
  • Material composition -100 percent acrylic
  • Available sizes -5-13


How to Choose the best soccer socks

There you are and now you some of the best soccer socks to consider in 2022. Well, that sounds great, but narrowing down one or two options can be another challenge. We already mentioned that football socks vary greatly as far as materials, incorporated technologies, and construction are concerned. Therefore, you need to consider all the necessary factors to help you make the right decision when choosing the right pair. In this section, we are highlighting a few important factors for your perusal, as explained below:

Length of the socks

Most of the best soccer socks can hold a large pair of protective shin guards, meaning they will come to the knees. For that matter, when choosing the best pair, always keep in mind the length of the socks. To get it right, you may need to take the exact length of your legs from the knees to the ankles. You may also consider ankle-high and mid-calf soccer socks, both of which come in handy in specific cases or preferences.


Size is another important factor to consider not only when shopping for soccer socks, but also when buying any other wearable. Soccer socks, nonetheless, are available in different sizes and shapes so it can fit a wide range of users –from children to adults. Getting the right size is incredibly essential, as you cannot afford any discomfort associated with under or oversized pair of socks.

Foot specificity

The best football socks are that one with label or design indicating that it should be put on a specific foot. If you choose a pair with this characteristic, then you will get better cushioning and support with R/L soccer socks than the popular generic-fit socks.

Sweat-resistant abilities

Sweat and moisture control is one of the most fundamental factors that come into play when choosing the right soccer socks. We all know that when playing soccer in high-heat areas, you are prone to excessive sweat and moisture, which can affect your playing performance when not controlled. For that reason, it is important to pick a pair utilizing technologies such as HeatGear, CoolPlus, ClimaCool, and Dri-Fit among others.

Quality of the socks

While each brand in the market claim to be of high quality, the truth of the matter is that a few of them meets that standard. How can you judge whether the pair you are about to buy has superior quality or not? Well, it is easy! Just look at the material composition and you will have an idea of its quality. Those made of polymer and spandex, for instance, allow for greater flexibility and enables easy stretch. Other materials that give a pair of socks a high-quality vibe include cotton, nylon, and acrylic.

Whether you are playing competitive football or just doing practice, you must have all the essential accessories. Besides bringing in a statement of fashion, the best soccer socks provide players with an extra level of support needed to protect legs in a tackle. In our post, we have reviewed ten of the best pairs currently available in the market for consideration. We summed up our reviews by giving you essential factors that will help in making the right decision when choosing the best pair. As soon as you grab any of the soccer socks in our list, you will instantly notice the difference in the level of your game!

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