Best Street Skateboards 2022 [Consumer Updates]

The word “best” often gets a different meaning when it comes to the best street skateboards. The skateboards primarily have to be suitable for the skill level and the purpose of the skateboarder. As such, the best interpretation, in this regard, is the type of skateboard that will most definitely fit you and your skating style.

Most people get worried when it comes to selecting an ideal skateboard from the entire pool in the market. You, we know how daunting this experience can sometimes be especially to those who are venturing into the game for the first time. With this article tailored to shelve off most of your worries, we ask you to stay delighted as it will help you in understanding and picking the type of skateboards that match for you.

To begin with, we will take you through our filtered list of top 10 best street skateboards on the market today. Subsequently, we will highlight a few vital factors you will need to consider when selecting a skateboard. Eventually, we will try answering some of the frequently asked questions about street skateboards. All you need to do is to read this article until the end faithfully.

List of the 10 Best Street Skateboard Reviews:

10. M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard

This street skateboard features 100 percent, 7-ply Canadian double kickboard. It is an excellent choice for a professional skater. This heavy-duty high-impact deck exhibits full length non-slip black grip tape that adds to its superb performance. And It can support a maximum load of 198 lbs. It also includes a skate tool and is generally easy to adjust. It also features high-speed bearings that facilitate its fast movement while skating.

9. Hikole Skateboard – 31″ x 8″ Complete PRO Skateboard

This is a great deal for a novice skater who does some basic stunts. It is made of a high quality 9-layer Canadian maple wood that generally makes it sturdy and durable. It is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 220lbs. Among other appealing features, this skateboard has super smooth wheels which make it very convenient to use. The skater requires no assembly as it comes ready to use. The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty.

8. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete

This is an affordable complete skateboard ideal for novice and advanced skaters. It offers a great deal of roll and grip thanks to its high-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels. We also loved it for its grippy top board. It is actually built for demanding specifications. To crown it all, the skateboard has a colorful screen-printed bottom.

7. PUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards

This skateboard features a high bearing capacity of a 5-inch magnolia truck with a highly durable deck which gives it maximum support. You will be moved by its double kick tail concave design which provides excellent control while allowing for a wide range of tricks and natural breaking. It will enable you to show your skating skills anywhere anytime.

6. SCSK8 Pro Skateboard/Crusier Pre-Assembled Complete

What else can be so appealing to a buyer more than the 7-ply Maple construction of this street skateboard? It features high-bounce, flat-spot resistance of 52mm PU wheels. Its nine red bearings facilitate an active movement while skating. Another appealing feature is its 5-inch Aluminum trucks.

5. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

This high-quality street skateboard features Canadian maple construction which makes it classy and modern. Among other admirable features, the board has a black grip tape and 5-inch Aluminum trucks. It is echoed as one of the best in the market today and is suited for newbie and seasoned skaters.

4. RockBirds Skateboards, 31” Pro Complete Skateboard

This 7-layer Canadian Maple skateboard is not only appealing to the eye but also offers an ideal tool for all walks of athletes. It is highly durable, and it supports long-distance skating and indeed fashionable and stylish. It is a complete skateboard with an anti-slip grip, making it ideal for every user.

3. Flybar 31” x 8” Complete Beginner Skateboards

Flybar competes beginner skateboard features lightweight construction which makes it super easy and convenient to use even by those who are just starting on skating. It has 5-inch Aluminum trucks which are painted white to give it a sleek look. It is also highly durable and lets you keep up with

2. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32-inch maple skateboard is made from 100 percent Maple deck, which means it passes the test of time and strength. Its 5-inch trucks are cast by genuine Aluminum alloy and equipped with carbon steel kingpin. It also has nine precision bearings which are forged by chrome steel. It exhibits a very high speed.

1. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This top-notch street skateboard features Canadian maple construction which makes it stands out. It has a perfect blend of strength, functionality, and style. Its black grip tape and black Aluminum trucks collectively add to its excellent functionality. It also features a 7.75-inch deck.


How to Choose the Best Street Skateboard

Other than knowing the best deals of skateboards in the market, there is a little more that goes into picking one for your use. The first thing you will need to do is taking a look at both its bottom and top. This will give you a rough idea of how the board looks, more so when shopping online. That is, however, merely an essential thing. The real stuff that you will need to pay attention to are as follow.


Usually, the measure of the skateboard length is taken from its tail up to its nose. Typically, the height ranges from 28 inches to 32 inches. However, there are some skateboards that are pretty long in size and are specifically tailored for professional riders only. Whereas longboards tend to be extensive, their shorter counterparts usually have a much narrow profile. The most important fact, in this case, is choosing the length based on your riding needs. If you are a street rider who loves doing some tricks, then you will need to select a shortboard with a narrow profile. On the other hand, if you are a professional skateboarder who loves cruising around the town while striving to improve your balance and stability, then a longboard will be ideal for you.


Usually, the width of the standard skateboard falls between 7.5 inches and 8.75 inches. A general rule is that compared to narrower skateboards, wider skateboards tend to perform much better. The width of the skateboard scales down to your skating style. If you wish to shred the pool or do some crazy off-ramp tricks, you should go for wider a wider board as it will give you a better and more controlled performance. Sometimes, you may require learning a new set of skills. In this case, a wider board will offer more room to your feet, creating a higher center of gravity. Whist narrow skateboards can effectively do tricks such as kickflips much more relaxed; they are basically meant for those who are much into street riding.

Wheel Base

The base of the wheel of a skateboard is the distance between the two sets of mounting holes that are drilled into the board for the trucks. The normal range is between 13 inches and 15 inches. However, the rider’s personal choice and height help in setting the desired distance. For short riders, narrower wheelbase feels more comfortable. However, taller riders tend to prefer a wider wheelbase as it gives an excellent stance when skating down the road. Whereas quite a number of skateboard decks barely have a single set of holes, a selected few may have a couple of mounting holes for trucks.

Tail and Nose

Whereas the tail is the back of the skateboard, the nose is its front. It tends to be quite challenging to those who are new to skating to tell the difference just by looking at the skateboard. It is, however, notable that almost all the skateboards available on the market today have graphics that identify the difference. The nose tends to have a bigger kick while the tail tends to have a mellower kick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of 78a on skateboard wheels?
Usually, 78 is the measurement of hardness. The “a” is for scaling and it is normally different from “b” scaling by about 20 points in terms of hardness. Most people use “a” scaling frequently.

Are spitfire wheels ideal for street skating?
Yes, they are. This, however, depends on the diameter and the durometer of the wheel. Presently, spitfire is among the top brands out there. Having a hard wheel of 90a+ will, however, ruin your game and street skating experience. As such, you should try out softer wheels versions of around 80a.

Final Thought
Was this article useful to you? We are convinced that we have done an honest review of the 10 best street skateboards on the market today. We have also given touch on the factors you will need to consider when choosing a skateboard. Coupled with answering a few questions that are frequently asked about these products, we have the pleasure to roll the ball to your court. It is now your turn to pick a product from our list, customize it, and set out on your skating journey. Take the bold move.

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