Best Tennis Grip Tapes 2022 [Consumer Updates]

Those who play tennis regularly come to learn that with time, their rackets may begin to lose their grip. As a player of tennis, you might find yourself so used to a particular racket that throwing it away the moment it loses its grips becomes increasingly difficult. If you have ever been caught in such a scenario then you are probably wondering if there is a way you could fix the problem so that you continue using your regular racket. Upon our investigations, we want to affirm it to you that yes it is possible. Investing in an excellent tennis grip will bring life back into your swing and this might go a long way in saving you the money you would otherwise have spent in acquiring a new racket.

For those playing in regions with hotter climates, it is advisable to use leather over-grip since their palms tend to sweat a lot. If, however, you are after comfort, you should consider going for a foam grip as it will enable you to focus all your energy on the game. That said, the market is flooded with tennis grip tapes from all over the world. Getting the right one could thus prove a little bit tricky on you. Well, there is some good news for you. We have engaged ourselves in the donkey work, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to supply you with all the information you need to get your hands on the right grip tape.

List of the 10 Best Tennis Grip Tapes

10. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

This is a unique and super comfortable velvety which is a must-feel for every tennis player. The overgrip’s outer PU layer is feathered thereby creating a soft, cushioned feel. The grip tape is made of a durable, soft, felt-like cotton spin material which is moderately tacky and highly absorbent. It inhibits great innovation and it is generally very easy to set up.

9. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

The proprietary technology seen in this grip tape is one of its kind. It enables the grip to wick moisture through the grip Most other grips tend to slip the soonest the grip gets wet with sweat. Hundreds of touring pros use this grip and they have over time recommended it as ideal for tennis players. The package comes with ten strips of finishing tape. It is indeed the right choice for professionals across the globe.

8. Senston New Racket Grip Super Absorbent Tennis Overgrip

This tennis grip tape comes at a low price tag. However, its cost doesn’t seem to compromise its quality. It has a humanization design with raised edges for decreased shock and improved grip. The sensation overgrips usually have keels to enable you to hold the handle easily and feel some ultra comfort. The surface of this grip is perforated and ventilated. The exquisite workmanship and high-quality materials make the grip more comfortable to use.

7. Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

This is one of the greatest tennis grip tapes for beginners. Most users recommend it as an ideal choice for a wide range of ages of casual tennis players. It features a headlight which greatly helps in the reduction of vibration thereby aiding instability when hitting the ball. It is a lightweight grip that passes the test of time.

6. Alien Pros Tennis Racket Grip

This is a designer tennis overgrip grip tape which has been built to last and passes the test of time. It is super easy to install. Just in less than 60 seconds, your tennis grip should be ready for use. This item which has been created by tennis players for tennis players can absorb sweat while giving you an ideal dry feel. There is absolutely no slip. It allows you to reluctantly show off your new style thanks to its unique design.

5. Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

This is a replacement grip which makes for a very comfortable hold. It is made of soft steel which is extremely durable. You can’t afford to doubt its quality and strength. You can use it for tennis and other activities as well. Each pack comes with three grips.

4. Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Over Grip

Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet overgrip is widely known to be used by top tennis players in the world. It has a patented design that allows for a perfect feel by the user. The grip comes in numerous colors and you will always get your taste. Come to think of durability and this grip tape is among the most durable ever penned.

3. Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Ultra Cushion Replacement Grips

If quality is your priority whenever you go purchasing any sports gear then you wouldn’t wish to turn a blind eye on this tennis grip. It is leading-edge equipment which has been built to last. And it gives you the power to rule over the court. It is also known for its maximum durability and the fact that it is suitable for several hours of play.

2. Senston New Racket Grip Super Absorbent Tennis Overgrip

When gaming calls, you always want to be sure you are well-armed to carry the day. This top-of-the-line tennis grip tape has a humanization design with raised edges for decreased shock and enhanced grip, enabling it to give you the great performance you will love throughout the game. Given its high-quality material and exquisite workmanship, this grip is very comfortable to use.

1. Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Over Grip

You can never go wrong with this super-thin, high-stretch tennis grip tape. It continues to offer great performance even when well worn and dirty. It is used by top world tennis players. Each package comes with three overgrips. You will love it for its durability and functionality.

How to Select the Best Tennis Grip Tape:

Many people stop reading the moment they are done with the information at the top 10 best tennis grip tape section. But just how far can that information take you? Well, the answer is that it gives you a lot of info necessary for a purchase. But, just to be sure you are selecting the crème de la crème from our sustained list; here are a few more things you will need to take into account.


You have no choice but to consider the cushioning effect of the grip tape you are shopping for. Usually, there is a shock vibration that tends to accompany the hitting of the ball. Such a vibration should be cushioned by the tennis grip tape. That makes a cushioning factor that you can’t disregard when purchasing a tennis grip cushion.


Due to respiration, a lot of moisture will come out of your hand while playing. A good grip tape should be able to absorb all this moisture, making your hands cool at all times. This will ensure you have a very comfortable grip thus enabling you to do channel all your efforts towards winning. If you wish to purchase an over-grip, this is a must-consider feature.


Tack feature is very important especially for those who wish to purchase an over-grip. It determines the stickiness of the grip. It also ensures that the racquet on your hands firmly. If possible, always insist on demonstrating the product ahead of paying for it. This will ensure that you get the tight grip that you need. If buying online, it is proper that you consider other users’ reviews of the product and if possible, view the product chart before ordering the product of your choice.

Ease of Use

Whether you wish to buy an over-grip or a replacement, you can never afford to disregard this factor. The grip you buy must be one that you will always feel comfortable using once you are right inside the pitch. Irrespective of whether it is a long trip or a short one, the grip tape should always be very comfortable in your hands. If possible, find a brand made from high-quality calfskin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grip size do tennis pros use?
The right sizes for pros are usually 41/8 and 45/8 inches. You will find these sizes in adult racquets easily. However, smaller and larger grip tapes are also made for some racquets.

Do pros use dampeners?
Our answer is both yes and no. The main purpose of a dampener is to reduce the vibrations off the string bed of the racquet. Players who have no problem with the vibrations also use it to reduce the ping sound that the ball usually makes at an impact. However, most of these dampeners are usually small and as such, some pros do not consider them to make a significant difference in their game.

What is the best tennis grip tape?
Well, we may not have a direct answer to this since there is no single fit-it-all tennis grip tape. Whatever is suitable for one player might be average to the other. That’s the reason we sampled our ten best to give your room to choose what is ideal for you depending on your specifications.

Final Thought
If you are fond of hitting the court too often, you are going to constantly need a racket with excellent grip and performance. The tennis grip tapes we have listed above are ideal for those who wish to get the best out of their training and actual performance. They also do not give in to tear and wear easily and as such, are considerably durable. They will see you through your favorite tennis racket. No need to worry about your cash anymore as they give you value for your money. All the best.

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