Triathlon shorts, also known as tri shorts, are very essential to active swimmers, bike riders, and runners. The moment you go out for any of the above activities, a pair of triathlon shorts will always be your companion. Since it is quite a lot to ask of any piece of clothing, it is undeniably true that it takes some special pairs of short to get the job done well.

Most people have reportedly been overwhelmed by this choice since it influences a large part of their entire triathlon experience. But then, let us get our facts right. Triathlon shorts remain to be essential gears for any enduring athlete who aims for pure performance.

Just like joining an event or a race does require proper training, buying the right pair of triathlon shorts as well calls for a lot of preparation and research. You will be biking, running and swimming in this gear and as such, buying one that will have the job done well is a must. The bottom line is to get geared up to finish and eventually make you every triathlon sport worth the experience. We have done some good research and in the end, we have come up with an incredible list of top 10 best triathlon shorts.

list of top 10 best triathlon shorts

10. ROKA Men’s SIM Pro II Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts

This triathlon short is made of 100 percent premium Yamamoto neoprene. The features RS2 panels on the outer side of the legs and hips to encourage proper rotation. It also features optimized leg and length openings. It has a color hit on back waistband for enhanced technique evaluation from the deck of the pool. Given its unique design and great craftsmanship, most consumers find this to be among the best triathlon shorts ever penned.

9. CANARI Men’s Triathlon Short

Canari Men’s Triathlon short is another sports gear that appeals to so many men. It is composed of 83 percent nylon and 17 percent spandex. We loved its elastic closure and its seamless, low profile tri chamois. Among other stunning features, this gear has a 1-inch elastic waistband and a 6-inch inseam for speed and leg coverage. It also features soft-touch leg grippers.

8. Santic Cycling Men’s Shorts

Over 1,800 consumers have reviewed this product on Amazon, giving it an average star rating of 4.7. This can only mean that the gear is as good as the information on the manufacturer’s website proclaims. The Composed of 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex. It effectively reduces the sweat produced while riding. It also features a breathable mesh design on both sides of the waistband. The short is Asian size and you should choose one size up than you normally wear.

7. BALEAF Men’s Triathlon Shorts Tri Race Cycling Shorts

This top-notch triathlon pair of shorts features an elastic waistband with inner drawstring. This enables easy adjustment. It also features silicon-infused fabric cuffs that keep your legs from riding up. This gear is made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex material. It features four-way stretch quick-dry fabrics that maximize stability and compression thereby enhancing the transfer of moisture. This, in return, keeps you dry, cool and comfortable throughout the game.

6. Beroy Men’s Triathlon Shorts

This is a high-end triathlon short featuring the perfect lightweight padding ideal for running, cycling, and swimming. Its foam-cushioned pad provides the user with chafe-free support throughout the entire bike ride. The manufacturer gives 100 percent assurance on quality. This gear which is machine-washable is generally easy to maintain. It has minimal water absorption and is best suited for swimmers.

5. 3SB Triathlon Shorts, Men’s Tri Shorts

Every cyclist loves comfort and convenience and that is exactly what this pair of triathlon shots offer. It has a unique design as its elasticity promotes the circulation of blood while at the same time, reducing the vibration of muscles. These shorts also come with a foam-cushioned pad which provides the user with chafe-free support throughout the ride. Its light and slim design ensure the short does not slow you down while running.

4. SLS3 Triathlon Shorts for Women

This high-end pair of triathlon shorts gives you the ultimate comfort you have always craved for. It is made from high-quality materials and the manufacturer gives 100 percent quality assurance. It features perfect padding for cycling and running. This pair of triathlon shorts that practically comes in varied sizes is what every active cyclist needs. The manufacturer also assures the consumer of unparalleled customer support.

3. MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts Men’s 9″

This high-quality triathlon short comes with adjustable drawstrings and easy reach leg pockets. Given that it commands a whopping 5-star rating on Amazon, we are swayed to believe that it is the best quality product in the market today. It is made from durable fabrics and has elastic leg endings with Silicone Print. It also features adjustable drawstrings.

2. MY KILOMETRE Triathlon Shorts Men’s 9″

This pair of triathlon shorts have easy-to-reach leg pockets and is lauded by most consumers as the best gear for a long-distance tri race. It is made from 78 percent regenerated polyamide and 22 percent extra life lycra fiber. We loved it for its ultra-slim and ultra-thin elastic leg grippers. It is also lauded for durability and comfort.

1. SLS3 Triathlon Shorts Men’s

This is a middle-priced race and cycling gear that has managed to successfully beat the rest to become our top-reviewed triathlon short. It features superior fabrics, perfected pockets, ultimate muscle coverage, and perfect padding for running and cycling. It gives you comfort and support where you need it the most. The manufacturer also assures its consumers of unparalleled support upon the purchase. Take your race a notch higher thanks to this high-quality sports gear.

How to Choose the Best Triathlon Shorts :

We know that we have salvaged your efforts to research on several confusing products by assembling for you the best products under our top 10 list. However, we also acknowledge the fact that choosing the best for yourself could still be marred with challenges considering that each of the triathlon shorts seems to be the best to pick. Look here. We have to get you out of this mess. Here are a few factors that when you consider, will help you select your preferred gear with ease.


As you go shopping for triathlon shirts, you will learn that there are huge advancements in technology and material. It is good to always have your body temperature well regulated throughout your racing activity. It positively impacts your performance. If you are going to compete in a colder place, you should choose a fabric that is capable of protecting you against the cold temperature without compromising your mobility. The chaos for the triathlon, in our assessment, come in two types: microfleece or foam-padded. Both are anti-bacterial and are created to dry quickly.

Seam Construction

The seams of the triathlon shorts should be strong enough to be durable and flat enough to be almost invisible. Triathlon shorts with quality seam construction tend to last long. You must also not forget to consider the length of the length of the triathlon shorts. A longer inseam means a larger coverage. This translates into more protection and more compassion. It is proven that longer shorts tend to offer more protection for hamstrings and quads which happen to be the most important muscles in ironman and triathlon races.

Comfortable Leg Grip

It is very important that active-wear stay in place. A pair of shorts that does not stay in position during the training or actual activity is not only annoying but also negatively impacts on your performance. Struggling to make it stay in place can be quite distracting and sooner, this continued discomfort can become very painful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone swim in triathlon shorts?
Yes, that is possible. A triathlon short usually has a thin pad that has been made purposely for wearing during the entire swimming, bike riding, and running. It never holds water and it usually tends to dry a lot faster.

Do triathletes enjoy running in bike shorts?
Well, a majority of triathletes tend to reserve their triathlon shorts for bricks such as run workouts and combo ride as well as race day. They, however, prefer cycling in shorts in their long rides and using swim jammers while in the pool. This set of shorts is usually different from compression shorts and cycling shorts.

What is the relationship between triathlon and tri-suit?
A tri-suit is a one-piece garment, usually with quick-drying features, that is specifically engineered for a triathlon. It has zippers, and padding at the rear to provide the user with a do-it-all gear that you do not have to change out of while cycling, swimming, or running.

Final Thought
Every race always seems a long journey especially when you are mid-way. You want to be sure that despite the normal agony you may need to undergo to emerge a victor, every other gear remains your best companion. This is only possible if you choose the best triathlon shorts the market has to offer. We have done our part by bringing forth what we deem as the best at the moment. Do your part by carefully considering various listed factors to help you choose the crème de la crème from the products we have listed above.